Content components


Buttons are used to highlight key actions for your users to take. They can link to internal pages in your site, or to external websites. Use them sparingly - try not to use more than one button in any single group of content.


Primary buttons

The button is blue and changes to a lighter blue when the mouse is hovering over it.

A visual example of primary buttons.

Secondary buttons

Secondary buttons are a lighter shade of blue. They are only used if a second action is needed alongside a primary action, for example a 'Submit' and 'Cancel' button.

A visual example of secondary buttons.


How to build

A button can be added to any content template. For more detailed information view the Victorian Government digital guide.

Introduction Text
Help your users perform common actions.
Secondary Campaign
Show Contact Us?
Show Site-section Navigation?
Show topic term and tags?
Site-section Navigation Title
Design System
Background Colour
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