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Did you know that cyber criminals try to access Victorian Government networks every 45 seconds? 

Cyber incidents are inevitable for all organisations that use digital information, systems and services. It's no longer a case of ‘if’ a cyber incident will occur, but ‘when’ it will occur. 

Here are some simple steps to prepare your organisation to respond to cyber incidents:

  1. Form an incident management team to respond to cyber incidents.
  2. Develop a cyber incident response plan – you can use the template provided below.
  3. Regularly practice your response to cyber incidents with your incident management team.
  4. Schedule in time to regularly review and improve your incident response plan.

You should also regularly talk to your staff about safe use of the internet, email and social media at work and at home. 

We recommend the Australian Government's Stay Smart Online website. It has regular alerts on scams and lots of useful information.

Download our incident response plan template

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If you're prepared, you can lessen the impact of a cyber security attack. Follow these simple steps.
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