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Release 15.0

Date of release: Tuesday 26 February 2019

New features

New feature Description
Grants import feed

The former took a feed of grants and programs from Business Victoria so these grant details are automatically updated. This feature means this automatic update is still available on the new

Ability to submit an event

Members of the public and people across government will be able to submit an event for publishing on, provided it meets our guidelines.

Profile listing

Template to build an ‘honour roll’ feature or profile listing. This includes space for a headshot, name and short bio/summary.

URL shortener

The former had a URL shortener like

Allows creation of an authorised shortened URL for social media, publications or other uses.

This feature means this URL shortener is available on the new

Bug fixes

Bug fix Description
SDPA-1000 On submit of search filter form the 'loading' animation doesn't appear.
SDPA-1393 Accordion Title is required to display in the front end
SDPA-1560 External link icon is displaying next to PDF download links
SDPA-1967 Embedded webforms not using title value
SDPA-1740 WIN 10 Chrome 73 14.1 Regression - the Quick Exit button doesnt have a rollover state
SDPA-1789 Checklist select component does not close when you click outside the field
SDPA-1790 Radio elements break ripple forms
SDPA-1809 Add calendar icon to the date field
SDPA-1970 All webforms include 'Clear search filters' button - rename to 'Clear form' (Nuxt)
SDPA-2011 Facebook Sharing Link Producing Error
SDPA-2042 Events content type does not display website URL
SDPA-2049 Contact block - email address not clickable on front end
SDPA-2051 Main Menu - Cannot scroll to see full menu on mobile
SDPSUP-45 Incorrect version used for 'Was this page helpful?' - Radio buttons now displayed next to title.
SDPSUP-99 Anchor links (Table of content) heading showing on pages created in Page template (ie doesn't have this feature)


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Find out what's been delivered in the latest releases from Single Digital Presence, including new features and bug fixes.
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